Hydraulic Winch, Planetary Gearbox, Hydraulic Motor Manufacturer in China

INI Hydraulic Company Ltd. is a leading hydraulic products manufacturer based in China. Since our establishment in 1996, we have specialized in the design and manufacture of a wide range of products to suit our customers' various needs, including our hydraulic winch, hydraulic motor, hydraulic slewing drive, wheel and track drive, planetary gearbox, travel motor, wheel motor, hydraulic capstan, hydraulic power unit, axial piston pump, and more. We also supply direct hydraulic replacements for well-known brands such as Rexroth, SAI, Brevini, Fairfield, Dinamic Oil, and KYB. Our products are widely used in construction machinery, deck machinery, offshore application, petroleum, coal mining, geological prospecting, metallurgy, agriculture, environmental protection and light industries.

  • Travel Motor
  • Travel Motor This travel motor is designed with compact structure and rotary case, so that it can be directly installed inside the crawler or wheel for driving. It can be regarded as the alternative of Nebtesco, KYB, Nachi, and TONGMYUNG motors. We can not only provide standard travel motor... >> More
  • Track and Winch Drives
  • Track and Winch Drives The track and winch drive is a kind of hydrostatic drive, which is made up of axial piston hydraulic motor, planetary gearbox, wet type multi-disc brake and valve block. It is manufactured by combining our patented technology and design experience in this field. This helps to ensure compact structure... >> More
  • High Speed Slewing Drive
  • High Speed Slewing Drive Our high speed slewing drive is similar to the equivalent products of famous brands like Rexroth, Brevini, Nebtesco, Nachi and KYB in the aspect of installation dimension and technical performance. Therefore, it can be used as the replacements of those products. For example, this series ...>> More
  • Freefall Hydraulic Winch
  • Freefall Hydraulic Winch As a patented product of our company, this freefall hydraulic winch is composed of planetary gearbox, hydraulic motor, wet type brake, hydraulic control clutch, valve block, drum, and frame. When provided with hydraulic motor that has variable displacement, the winch can work at two speeds. >> More
  • Hydraulic Vehicle Recovery Winch
  • Hydraulic Vehicle Recovery Winch Our ISYJ series hydraulic vehicle recovery winch has achieved the patent. With the line pull ranging from 1 ton to 30 ton, this high performance winch can meet different vehicle recovery operations. It is equipped with a brake and a manual declutch system installed at the final stage of gearbox.>> More
  • Hydraulic Mooring Winch
  • Hydraulic Mooring Winch Our IYJ---C series hydraulic mooring winch comes with the patent and integrates a variety of components, including hydraulic motor, planetary gearbox, belt brake, tooth clutch, drum, and capstan head. In addition, the winch is also equipped with valve blocks functioning braking and overload ... >> More
  • IYJ-N Series Two Speed Winches
  • IYJ-N Series Two Speed WinchesThe IYJ-N series two speed winch with compact design is our latest model lunched in 2012. After thousands of tests and improved based on trial-use feedbacks, we started mass production of this product.
    Driven by an axial piston motor, the device comes with dual speeds. >> More
  • Pipelayer Hydraulic Winch
  • Pipelayer Hydraulic Winch Our pipe layer hydraulic winch is commonly mounted on the pipe layer. This unique type of double drum winch has achieved the invention patent. The traditional pipelayer winch usually has complicated structure and system and requires high cost and large installation space, as the luffing winch ... >> More
  • Compact Winch
  • Compact Winch The INYJ series compact winch is a patented product of our company. It adopts compact and elegant design, which ensures light weight and easy installation. In addition, the components like hydraulic motor, planetary gearbox and brake are all installed and hided in the winch drum... >> More